Secretive, massive TPP deal back on the agenda

Embassy, Marie-Danielle Smith, Wednesday, 05/06/2015
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is back on the international agenda as American legislators debate fast-track legislation that would allow the deal to be put to a yes-or-no vote in front of US Congress.
Pending a vote in the US House of Representatives, the fast-track legislation, called the Trade Promotion Authority, is a big step towards facilitating the TPP, an agreement being negotiated by Canada, US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and six others along the Pacific Rim.
The vote will pit US President Barack Obama against many representatives of his own party. A recent Politico article suggests Mr. Obama would have to secure a few dozen more votes to pass the legislation. But if it does pass, this could mean a now-or-never, accelerated negotiation of the TPP.