Tahoe Resources’ Former Security Manager Turns Fugitive

Tuesday, December 01, 2015
(Guatemala City/Ottawa/Tatamagouche) On Monday, plaintiffs in the criminal case against Tahoe Resources’ former security manager, Alberto Rotondo, were informed that he had escaped police custody. Rotondo is accused of having ordered private security guards to attack peaceful protestors outside the Escobal mine in southeastern Guatemala on April 27, 2013, wounding seven men.  
“This demonstrates that the Guatemalan justice system, especially the National Civil Police, still suffers from high levels of corruption and influence peddling. The police failed to implement the judge’s order to ensure constant police supervision of Rotondo, now turned fugitive,” remarked Rafael Maldonado, Director of the Centre for Environmental, Social and Legal Action (CALAS).
“The Public Prosecutor, however, acted professionally, immediately calling for the international capture of Tahoe Resources’ ex-security manager.”