Harper and Peña Nieto, not amigos but there’s always hope

byJim Creskey, Embassy, Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mexico City—The upscale neighbourhood known as Colonia Polanco is home to some of the city’s toniest restaurants and hotels, corporate head offices, multimillion-dollar apartments and homes, and embassies, including Canada’s.

It borders the beautiful Chapultepec Park, a bit like New York’s Central Park in its size but with more attractions: a lake for boating, a zoo with pandas, and not one but four world-class museums and art galleries.

A person could spend days enjoying the place, which is exactly what tens of thousands of Mexican families do every week. The place teems with people especially young families. The walkways are lined with vendors selling toys, kid-size wrestling masks and all manner of street food and drinks, especially the little Mexican pizzas called tlayudas and stacks of crispy chicharrón, pig skins. On weekdays it’s busy. On weekends it’s crowded. The atmosphere is festive.