Blood for gold: The human cost of Canada’s ‘free trade’ with Honduras

Sandra Cuffe, November 10, Ricochet Media

Canadian mining companies accused of filling their pockets and leaving a toxic legacy
This is the first instalment of a three-part series by Sandra Cuffe. Part two in the series investigates Canadian tourism and real estate projects displacing Afro-Indigenous communities along the Caribbean coast. The final instalment takes a look at Canada's role in the militarization of post-coup Honduras.
In the rural municipality of La Unión, Copán, in western Honduras, communities are being gradually displaced by Toronto-based Aura Minerals’ San Andres gold mine. Earlier this year the army was sent in to quell protests related to the relocation of the local cemetery in Azacualpa, a village in La Unión. This is part of the human cost of an expanding mining industry in Honduras.