Harvard report outlines Canada's hostile refugee policies

There’s an article in the Embassy magazine on Canada’s refugee policy. It is well worth a read, if you can get it. Unfortunatly it is behind a paywall, but it draws on a Harvard Report that is available here.

by Jim Creskey, Embassy, Wednesday, 12/04/2013

It puts the disintegration of relief to the most vulnerable of migrants together into one disturbing package.

What happened to Canada's treatment of refugees? Depending on whom you spoke to, the Harper government was either spending the last few years reforming Canada's refugee system for the better or compromising its quality.

It turns out that both assessments were overly generous. So-called "reforms" in practice were actually just the adding of a harsh and unforgiving edge to questionable practices that were put in place by previous governments. In addition, in the space of a few years, new radical changes have nearly gutted Canada's much-praised system of aiding the persecuted