Policy Brief: Canada and the Pacific Alliance

by Pablo Heidrich, Catalina Prada and Laura Macdonald
The Pacific Alliance is an economic union between Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile - all of which have coastlines on the Pacific Ocean- launched on June 6, 2012. Canada currently has observer status in the Alliance, but the Stephen Harper administration is considering joining it as a full member in the short term. This new initiative is meant to enable the member countries to act as a bloc on issues of trade and investment, especially with Asia, and to pursue other goals such as further liberalizing the movement of capital and labour, beyond the more usual one of freer trade in goods and services.
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This policy brief is part of the on-going project “From Minor Player to Major Actor: Canada's Role in Latin America”, that looks at issues related to mining, migration and foreign policy. This project is supported by funding provided by an Insight Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).