Canadian mining company Infinito Gold in Costa Rica

There is a great piece in Corporate Knights on Canadian mining company Infinito Gold and its proposed mine in norther Costa Rica.

via CANADA-ALC, by Tyler Hamilton, Corporate Knights, 3 October 2013

IBERIA, Costa Rica -
 Canadian mining company Infinito Gold thought its proposed gold mine in northern Costa Rica had the green light. A country's growing commitment to nature got in the way.

Howler monkeys roar fiercely at stray dogs scouring for morning scraps in a tree-lined alley, while an assortment of tropical birds perform aerial acrobatics in playful song. The rising sun conducts this daybreak symphony, which includes the occasional solo from a crowing rooster or bug-hunting woodpecker. There's no need for an alarm clock in Costa Rica. Nature does the job just fine, and the rich biodiversity that fills this Central American country with life is why ecotourism has become one of its largest and fastest-growing industries. But Costa Ricans got a wake-up call of a different sort on October 13, 2008. That's when then-president Oscar Arias declared by executive decree that an open-pit gold development proposed by a Canadian mining company - and opposed by a majority of citizens - was "in the national interest.”