This section examines the extent, nature, and governance of temporary labour migration to Canada from Mexico and Guatemala.  





En esta sección se exploran el alcance, la naturaleza, y la gobernación de la migración temporal laboral a Canadá desde México y Guatemala.


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by mexicoinstitute
06/20/16 Vice News
As the number of refugees and displaced people worldwide reaches a record 65 million, debate continues over whether asylum seekers — especially LGBT people — from countries deemed to be safe, should be granted refugee status abroad.
Several countries in Europe have compiled "safe country of origin" lists, whereby anyone from those countries will likely to be sent home if they try to seek asylum in another country.
In North America, Canada has been relying heavily since 2013 on its safe country list to guide who should be blocked from obtaining refuge, a process the government argues is meant to ensure "genuine" refugees are resettled. And now, Canada is facing fresh criticisms for listing Mexico among its 42 "safe" nations, especially as the LGBT community there and people living with HIV continue to face rampant violence and discrimination